Thursday, October 21, 2010

Visit to St. Peter's Lutheran College 21/10/10

Originally I had planned to accompany our esteemed leader Karen, and her husband Peter, on a visit to St Peter's Lutheran College on the south side of Brisbane, but at the last minute I couldn't make it. Rats!!!! I missed out on a really good day, and some heart lifting moments. As I wasn't there, it seems silly to try to write about it myself, so here, in the words of Karen is what happened.
"Peter and I today went to visit some students and the Drop in Centre for Parents at St Peters Lutheran College. We had been invited from one of our members Lia, who co-coordinates the Drop In Centre.
Lia had told me that they had lots of donations made not only by the parents, but some by the Year 9 Christian Studies group. When we walked in a lot of the ladies were still setting up tables with all the donations from them. Heaps of different items , blankets, beanies, scarves, prem beanies, toys etc....all  beautifully done.

On another table were the things the Year 9 class had made. I was expecting squares for a blanket, but no, Lia had done up "looming kits" for them, complete with instructions, photos etc. These young people had made prem baby beanies, baby beanies, larger beanies, scarves etc, on the looms. Even boys!! One lad I stood next to for one of the "many" photos that were taken was holding 3 prem baby beanies that he had made. I commented that there would be 3 very happy mums of premmie baby's who would just love what he had made for their babies. He looked at me and said "Really, I didn't think you would want them, they aren't good". I told him they were perfect, which was true, they were gorgeous. The children could only be with us for a quick morning tea and I was able to explain a bit more about the group, what we do, and the sort of people we help. Most of them seem very motivated to keep going to help us help the less fortunate.

Then we sat with all the ladies present (and later Lia's husband joined us and one of the male teachers from the school) and Peter told them all about the group; the type of people we help; told a few "stories" of different ones we have had the privilege of helping and chatting with. Several of the ladies were in tears..I can understand that ...Peter making ladies!! But a lot of them were just absolutely amazed at what happens to people especially those who a few months ago were ok, jobs, own house etc. and then for whatever reason, they lose their job, then lose their house....... I think it really opened up some of their eyes. We invited any of them to come to the HCD (Homeless Connect Day), if not to help up give out donations , at least to see what its all about.

As well as all the knitted, crocheted, sewn, loomed items they had for us, they also had lots of craft things which had been made over a number of years for craft stalls they used to run, but haven't for a few years. So they decided to bring all of that today, let teachers know that there would be things for sale, so a lot of teachers came up and had a look (and bought) mainly during their free time!!

We had also picked up the ETSY shop from Kate's this morning which we took along and we made $120 in sales from the ETSY shop too. All the other craft items that were left over, the Drop In Centre donated to the group, to be either sold on ETSY, at a market stall or for us to give to organisations for Christmas
But that's not the end of it...there were bags of fabric for our "dressmakers"; toiletries...all sorted into  separate bags for shampoos, another one for toothpaste!!
Lia had told me that they had a donation of new wool for us. A couple of the ladies and one of their mothers had all visited Spotlight. She said she thought I would be pleasantly surprised. I saw one big bag of yarn and thought how fantastic BUT then they said, that's not all of it, and moved a divider to reveal at least 6 HUGE bags of wool...Thoroughbred; Moda Vera; Patons etc etc. They estimated there were about 400 balls there...when we got home Melanie (daughter) counted them all and there were ......drum roll ..............
566 balls of brand new yarn for us to distribute to members of the group!!!!

When I saw how much yarn there was, I was overwhelmed and stuck for words and had to turn away as I was crying at their generosity!!

Then to top it all of, quite a few of the parents and teachers have "contacts" in various industries and there is a possibility that we may get a "free" storage unit around the Strathpine area. Nothing set in concrete, but a

Have heard from Lia since we got home, and she said everyone was motivated to do more, even whilst we were there some of the ladies said they really didn't do craft, what else could they help us we said toiletries, then when I was talking quietly to two of them, it got around to postage, newsletters that we try to get out every so often etc, so they said that they would see what they could do re donatings stamps, postpacks, paper for the newsletters to be printed out on.

On top of all that, they put on a lovely morning tea and we were asked to bring some of the leftovers home! Including a big gingerbread heart that one of the ladies had brought at the Octoberfest last weekend, but no one had touched it! I love gingerbread, so that's my treat for the next few days... lol.

So we came home, very very happy with all that was donated to us, especially the yarn, still keep looking over it and not believing it! But also feel drained...emotionally, mentally etc!!

To the parents, teachers and particulary the Yr 9 students for all they have done, and hopefully will continue to do!!

Sorry another "novel", didn't mean it to be this long!!

Karen (who is very happy, but very tired!)"
What else can I say??? Kate (T.O.O.)

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  1. A huge THANK YOU to all the students, teachers and parents from the college for their generosity. It is so heart warming to see KFBN receiving some support from the community. We recently lamented being out of yarn and out of funds to buy any. This is great news for some of our members that have the time and skill to knit, crochet or sew but not the funds to buy the necessary materials.
    At a time when so many young people feel powerless and depressed, to experience how much of an impact you can have on society with some basic skills and a lot of good will, is a wonderful gift to bequeath to this young generation. So to the college, the teachers and parents behind this initiative: well done! May you inspire other colleges to boost self-esteem in such soul opening way!