Friday, October 22, 2010

A Knitting Class in a Hat 23/10/10

Hi all,

Yesterday was one of those quiet days from a K4BN point of view, i,e, there was no Knit & Natter anywhere. I didn't see our esteemed leader Karen yesterday, but I don't think there were visits to either collect or deliver donations. Sometimes it seems that there is something happening every day. I am sure if I studied the calendar, I would see that there are more days without Knit and Natters than there are with. I certainly don't go to every single one, and neither does Karen, though she gets to a lot more than me. There just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, or enough petrol in the tank, both phyisically and metaphorically.
As it was a quiet day, this morning I was wondering what to write. I starting thinking about when I joined the group. Having run out of walls on which to hang framed Cross Stitch, and sent off a couple of knitting articles to the little girl I sponsor in Nepal, I was looking for another outlet. I can't just sit and do nothing with my hands. Being a member of Free Cycle, I came across a posting for knitting materials and phoned up to ask for them, only to discover they had gone to a group called Knitting for Brisbane's Needy. "Who are they??" I asked myself. It didn't take me long on the internet to find them, and so began my involvement with this wonderful group. I went along to my first Knit and Natter at Caboolture Library.
Now comes the story of the nickname!!
"I'm Kate" says I as I introduce myself. "Ah, you are the lady with Dexter"....... "What is a 'Dexter'?" I ask myself. I know as a New Australian there are certain idioms with which I am not instantly familiar, but a 'Dexter'????? It turns out that there is another member called Kate, who has an assistance dog, who goes by the name of Dexter. "No, I am Kate, The Other One" became my new refrain, soon to be shortened in written form to Kate (T.O.O.). So now you know!!
Having left all of my knitting patterns in the UK when we emigrated here, coz let's face it, it is too hot in Australia to need knitted items, I had to start looking for things to make for the group. The internet became my friend. I was told about "Knitting Pattern Central" a web site with hundreds of free downloadable (when did that become a verb??) patterns. . My very first download, and therefore item that I made for the group was . I won't reproduce the pattern here, I don't want to upset Alison Hansel. But have a look, it is very well written. I had knitted in the round before, on DPNs, so stuck to what I knew ignoring the circular needle bit, and playing around with needle size and wool to get the right gauge didn't take too long. As I was told by another member, size isn't really important, whatever you make is going to fit someone, and that someone will be very grateful for your efforts. 
If you are not familiar with knitting in the round, give it a go. It is a lot less daunting than it looks. If you are not ready to take the plunge, knit in the flat, and then just seam it. It will still look great, and keep someone's head warm on a cold night. If you do have a go, and make this, and are also feeling altruistic, we can find somewhere for your generosity to be appreciated. Just send it to us.
This is the second post since I promised Bunty I would put up a photo of the 2008 Christmas Party held by the Beenleigh Knit and Natter. Sorry Bunty, I have renegaded again. Next time.
Kate (T.O.O.)

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