Monday, November 1, 2010

HCD Countdown - 2 Days to Go 01/11/10

Hi All,

Things are beginning to ramp up ready for this year's November HCD in Brisbane. The bags are being packed, the cars are being loaded, journey start times have been decided.

Peter (our esteemed leader's husband)'s truck is bursting at the gunwales, with excess bags being passed over to Rene and Angela and Ron and Claire. It is a good job that there are some men around to do the muscle work for us, and a lot of the driving. Tomorrow (Tuesday) they will be heading down to the RNA Showgrounds to drop off the majority of the stuff, and ensure that we have enough table space to put everything out. Then on Wednesday morning, we really only have to turn up, nice and early, to do the last minute organising, and we ready to meet and greet when it opens at 08:00hrs.

So far, there are approximately 2,000 items ready to go. No doubt more will turn up on the day. A few of our members come along with donations at the last minute. Any items that are left at the end of the day go to other organisations that attend this wonderful event. They then take these back for their clients to give to them directly.

I will post a report as soon as possible after Wednesday to let you all know how it went.


Kate (T.O.O.)

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